TZG Accounting LLC

TZG Accounting LLC is a public accounting firm which has an experience accountant team. It is headquartered in Chicago with a branch office in Manhattan, New York. Our business covers all 50 states and offers tax solution services to all-size businesses and individuals.

Our customers include restaurants, professional service firms, construction firms, manufacturing firms, real estate development and management companies, wholesale trade firms, trucking companies, auto repair shops, bus companies, nail shops, massage parlors, travel agencies, doctor offices, foreign import and export companies, and new technology firms. TZG Accounting LLC also advices tax issues for investment immigrants, multi-national citizens, and multinational firms.

May your business flourish, TZG Accounting LLC is dedicating to help your success.

The team of TZG accounting is proficient in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English, pursues a "customer first", and strives to provide thoughtful, efficient, and accurate services to our clients. Our service fees are based on the nature of services, the complexity, and length of time to be determined comprehensively.

TZG accounting LLC is specialized in the following services:

• All 50 U.S. states companies and individuals tax returns

• Accounting and bookkeeping

• Payroll Services and Payroll Taxes

• Companies Registration

• License Application

• Finance and Audit

We continue to serve overseas Chinese and Chinese-American. Please feel free to contact us.

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Chicago Office: Phone 312-949-9898 / Fax to 312-842-9890

New York branch office: Phone 212-226-7189 / Fax 212-226-7208

California branch office: Phone 626-872-0918 / Fax 626-872-0983


TZG Accounting LLC is willing to be your helping hand for your businesses and families.